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Flint, Michigan


Flint, Michigan, home of the Firebirds, is the third largest city in the state and includes a metro population of nearly 500,000, encompassing an even larger number in the surrounding region, boasting 3 million people within a 60-mile radius.

While known for it’s success in the lumbering industry, Flint was also the leading manufacturer of carriages and other vehicles earning it the nickname of “Vehicle City” prior to becoming an automobile manufacturing powerhouse for Buick and Chevrolet.


 Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center

Flint Firebirds OHL Arena Dort Federal Event Center

 Located near the heart of Michigan’s third largest city, the Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center has proudly served Mid-Michigan and the community of Flint for over forty years.

Based in close proximity to Saginaw, Sarnia and Windsor, the Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center makes the Firebirds hockey club one of the most accommodating travel locations for fans and teams throughout the Ontario Hockey League.


Grand Blanc Community School District


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Bishop International Airport (FNT) is the third busiest airport in the state of Michigan with over 1 million passengers flying to and from FNT every year. American, Delta, Southwest and United Airlines include some of the most known international companies to operate from the Bishop International Airport.